Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Holiday Hell

Over the years the holidays have become less and less important to me. I mean, I enjoy what it is meant to be about... getting together with the family and seeing friends. Spending time with people you love and showing them how much you appreciate them with gifts. 

However, why don't we do this year round? I mean you have Thanksgiving... then a month later you have Christmas... then a week later you have new years. Then you spend the rest of the year waiting for it to come back around again. Even as a kid, when my parents were still married... I remember waking up Christmas morning opening presents... playing with the toys and then... that was it. ALL THE ANTICIPATION JUST TO GET STUFF. We didn't really have any type of family tradition. I've always been jealous of people who did things... like played board games... etc... Quality family time because no one had work. 

Even on that sense... when I was in a long term relationship there was SO MUCH PRESSURE. We would have to hit all these houses because we both were from broken homes. Run run run run... then nothing. It's kind of disappointing. 

If I ever have a family I think what I am going to do it just warp the whole system. A friend of mine mentioned on Facebook how she does not tell her kids about Santa Claus because it teaches them to lie... but she teaches them Christmas is about Jesus... Another friend did the same thing with her kids... her reasoning was because her mom asked for red roller skates for Christmas as a child and instead since her family was poor at the time she got something small and her cousin got the red roller skates she had wanted... she felt disappointed... was she not good enough that year for Santa to bring her something she wanted? There will always be good years and there will be bad years. 

My nephew currently is SPOILED. He gets an insane amount of stuff... each year the stuff will become more and more expensive and he will not appreciate those "Things" as much. I work my ASS off for a paycheck that is gone before I can even pretend to save... he gets so much stuff the value of it goes down and will be thrown in a pile of all the other things he has gotten. [His grandma on his dad's side wants to buy him a cell phone. Jayden is 6.] 

So back to my warped idea. Maybe break Christmas up over the 12 months of Christmas. LOL. Pick a day out of the month and do a family get together where everyone hangs out eats and just enjoys the company of each other? I don't know... the "Want" that happens with Christmas disgusts me, I still feel it even as an adult. I want people to buy me stuff... but I mean I want things that are out of control... like a new computer, a new phone, new tires, new boots, new new new new new new. -_- We are programed. I want to spend time with my family but I feel bad. I cannot buy everyone nice things or even things they really need. It is just something that they can use and I will be able to give them so I don't look like an asshole. 

It is a pressured holiday... especially for broke bitches like me. Then you have the guilt if someone buys you something and you don't get them something... or if you do a gift exchange and your gift isn't as great as the one you gave... or visa versa. Pretty fucking sick. Greed and vanity. 

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  1. Love this Megan. I have felt this same way for many years and my kids can tell you that their Christmas's were nothing like some of their friends because I just couldn't bring myself to do the insanity that is Christmas. What are we doing to our kids?


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