Saturday, December 24, 2011

Desperate Love Songs

I have been pretty good about not being mushy [cause I ain't no punk lol] But at sometime in my life I would like to find a man who loves Zombies just as much as I do. One who has mechanical skills and can lift more than I can. One who loves motorcycles but loves to cuddle more. One who appreciates the effort I put into cooking and does not complain when it's burnt. LOL. I want to find someone who will let me fall asleep with my head on their chest so I can listen to their heart beat. I want them to understand I am "tough" but I also want to feel safe when I am with them. I want someone I can be spontaneous with, just have those moments where it's like take a dart to a map and "LET'S GO!" I want a man who can be my best friend and who is willing to learn new things. Also, he has to appreciate my obsession with photos. I want to be able to take care of him when he is sick and bake him cakes for his birthdays. Even though I am tom-boyish in many ways... I still have that hope for a healthy relationship where I can grow old with someone I can call my best friend until the day I die....

Okay. I'll stop. I know one day I will fall in love again, however, now is not my time... and I am not looking. Being single has actually been quite wonderful this time around. I have met tons of new awesome people and I know I would not be as spontaneous if I were in a relationship. You can't call me cocky but I am definitely confident in myself. I have quite a bit going for me and I am blessed to have so many great people in my life... when  I hear love songs though my girly side starts to show. 

You know what I am realizing now? I am terrible at blogging. I mean when I was working a desk job I had tons of things to talk about. Now I am a little more reserved. [say whaaaaa?] So I will end this with this song... because everything is ALRIGHT.