Monday, February 6, 2012

Orgasms because you may or may not know this.

The ORGASM. Dun dun duuuuun. It is so damn taboo but all of us pretty much want it... some men joke about it, some men are embarrassed by it, and ALL of them think about it [because women think about it too!]. Well the thing that makes me upset about the whole orgasm thing is that men know how to achieve it with themselves. You touch your penis and ta-da... it feels good. You rub it and holy hell you just released a load onto your bed sheets. God forbid you have a woman [or man depends on your forte] involved with it.

The thing about women is it is not something especially talked about. I mean even me... as submerged into the sexual world as I have allowed [I wanted to be a sexologist, opening my own adult store geared towards women's sexuality and education promoting healthy sexual behaviors for women... but GoodVibes in the City beat me to it... 20-years before I was born...] I hate the word: Vagina. IT IS SO WEIRD TO SAY.

Both sexes have the four phases of sexual response. Called the Masters and Johnson's Four-Phase Model

  • Excitement
  • Plateau
  • Orgasm
  • Resolution
So not everyone is the same but this a SUPER-GENERAL-BREAKDOWN
  • Excitement 
    • in both Men and Women
      • Increase in blood pressure and heart rate
      • Nipple erections [Most common in females]
    • in Men
      • Penis becomes erect
      • Testes elevate and engorge
      • Scrotal skin thickens and tenses
    • in Women
      • Clitoris swells
      • Labia majora separate away from vaginal opening
      • Labia minora swell and darken in color
      • lubrication begins 
      • Uterus elevates
      • Breasts enlarge
  • Plateau
    • in both Men and Women
      • Involuntary muscle contractions especially in hands and feet
      • Heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing increase
    • in Men
      • Engorgement and elevation of testes becomes more pronounced
      • "Pre-Cum" may occur
    • in Women
      • Clitoris withdraws under its hood
      • Uterus becomes fully elevated
      • Areola becomes more swollen
    • in both Men and Women
      • Involuntary muscle spasms throughout the body
      • Blood pressure, breathing, and heart rates at maximum levels
      • Involuntary contractions of rectal sphincter 
    • in Men
      • Pooling of seminal fluid
      • Semen expelled by contractions of muscles around the base
    • in Women
      • Orgasmic platform contracts rhythmically 3 to 15 times
      • Uterine contractions occur
      • Clitoris remains under its hood
  • Resolution
    • in both Men and Women
      • Heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing resume to normal immediately after orgasm
      • Sex flush disappears rapidly
      • Nipple erection subsides slowly
    • in Men
      • Erection subsides in over a period of a few minutes
      • Testes descend and return to their normal size. 
      • Resolution quite rapid in most men
    • in Women
      • Clitoris descends and engorgement slowly subsides
      • Labia return to unaroused size
      • Uterus descends to normal position
      • Lack of orgasm after period of high arousal may dramatically slow resolution.

Many women get caught at the Plateau stage. But there are different kinds of orgasms for a woman. You have clitoral stimulation, internal which includes a G Spot orgasm(which G stands for the GUY it was named after... Grafenberg), and somewhere between those is the "squirt" which even with all the books I have read on the subject I STILL have not found an article explaining it.

It normally takes a woman longer than a man in the excitement phase. Normally their is some sort of social stigma attacking our brains. But once we get passed our constant thought processes we can finally hit the plateau stage... the only problem... foreplay was finished a long time ago and they are in their resolution stage. [Not always... but I am just saying... foreplay is important]

Not all women are the same [just like not all men are the same] I know women who HATE oral, some who love it, I know women who hate being touched and others that need to have clitoral or internal stimulation before even THINKING about sex, I know women who love anal, and others who would probably deck someone in the face if it happened, I know women who want to be touched and kissed softly and women who want things to be rough, I know women who use vibrators before and during sex. I mean seriously... the combinations are ENDLESS.... and it is pretty messed up because women expect men to know.

That's about all I am going to say.