Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Just pawns in this game of life.

I woke up in a fury of thoughts this morning because I was over-thinking everything last night. Now there is no strict way of writing for me. I babble, hence the name of the blog... so try to stay with me on this one. 

I am going to mention politics. Of course, politics has never been my game and I honestly have not been studying the course of action for the presidential candidates. The thing that has been getting to me is this "War on Women" 

I just do not understand how politics have to be involved with my reproduction rights... It seems that things have shifted from gay rights to women's rights in the last 4 years. Yes, the battle of the LGBT right to marry is still raging on and I am supportive of it. I DON'T CARE WHO ANYONE MARRIES, IF YOU WANT IT DO IT!!! People get married for all types of reasons, what right do I have telling anyone who they can and can't marry... we have men and women doing it all the time for wrong reasons so if you actually want to marry the person you are in love with and get the benefits of it I support it. 

Anyways, the thing about this whole War on Women thing. I understand people are upset about abortions, trust me... I have heard every reason why it is wrong... I just cannot fathom WHY it has anything to do with anyone else. Are you going to be supporting the baby once it is born? Why aren't all these pro-lifers adopting babies? Do they realize when abortions became legal, crime rates went down? DO YOU KNOW WHY CRIME RATES WENT DOWN? BECAUSE ALL THE BABIES THAT WERE GOING TO BE NEGLECTED THEN TURNING INTO CRIMINALS WERE NOT BEING BORN! I believe a fetus in the first trimester has no feelings, it is just a grouping of cells... in it's most animalistic state. Once a baby is born it has gained the necessities to actually survive [although we as humans have lost our "instincts" from poor evolution] Regardless, I don't understand why fetuses are being protected while babies, children, and women ARE NOT. 

 And then there is this guy Todd Akin running for senate that was trying to change "rape" to "forcible rape"... ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I have never heard of a woman [OR MAN] who has been raped be like, "Oh yeah, well if you are going to do it... please go ahead." You know the sick part... is I know A LOT OF PEOPLE who have been raped, molested, sexually abused. More than you would actually spot... and a lot of rapes are never reported. I know, because I have talked to people and I actually don't know of anyone who has... and I never reported mine... DUN DUN DUUUUUN. [Nothing changes if we all keep our dirty little secrets.] 

Well damn it. Now I am all pissed off. All this presidential stuff and propaganda and legitimate bull shit was making me think last night. 


I mean if you think about it. The president doesn't control the United States... it is a face for the public. We as the general population are being placed against one another over rights... maybe this election has brought in women's rights to divert us from the big problems that have been swept under the rug. We are just a bunch of sub-cultures battling each other while the real problems are oblivious to us. It is like in movies where the government doesn't tell the population the dirty on anything because it will spring panic. How much is being hidden from us? 

All this thinking is seriously making my brain hurt. [Insert blonde joke here] but seriously it is like there is no real answer... only more questions and more unknown.