Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Why hello old friend...

It has been awhile since I have written anything. Not sure if you missed me or not. But I figured today would be a good day to share.

Yesterday my little sister turned 21. It is crazy how the time passes. Like once upon a time she was a little kid (as was I) but it is different. I guess growing up is different when you watch someone else doing it. One of my favorite memories [sort of a bittersweet memory] was on her 17th birthday, exactly a week after she had Jayden. With everything going on things did not turn out as planned and her birthday celebration was not exactly what it should have been. Amy was sad. She just had a baby and I believe post-pardum depression had a slight grip on things. I was poor at the time like I almost always seem to be but I knew I wanted to make her birthday special. I knew Jayden would be getting a lot of attention and Amy would be lacking some. So I put together this RANDOM present. I believe I bought her a razor and some other necessity type items. Really simple. I also made her a "coupon" for a hot dog date. [ Side Note: While she was pregnant we went all the time to get Home Depot Hot Dog Stand Polish dogs.] So before the actual cake time she was sad and crying and depressed etc.. etc.. So I cheated and let her open her gift early. We laid on my bed and just laughed at the ridiculousness of the contents of the birthday present... then in order to be fair to everyone else. We re-wrapped all of it back up and I made her open it again when we had cake so everyone else could see. It is a really random memory but I could honestly say it was one of the best. I may not be the most attentive sister or the most involved but when my little sister is upset I am definitely going to do my best to protect her from any heartache and when I have the opportunity to make awesome memories I will do whatever it takes.

So for this birthday I have a pretty awesome gift and I am going to make her a rainbow cake. It is going to be a very busy rest of the week for me. I need to catch up on housework for sure.

School is over on WEDNESDAY
I have never been more excited about school ending in my life. I hate this class. The teacher is wonderful and the material is interesting [But difficult] and I think if given at a more reasonable pace I may have actually been able to keep up with the learning. 

As of this point I have a 66% for those of you who haven't been in school for awhile that is a D. Not a high D or a low D. Just a D. 

If I fail I am going to ask my teacher and the Dean of Mathematics to see if I could pass the 1st half of Math 104 [I believe they have it to where it is split up into two separate classes... so I need to double check on that.] And just take the 2nd part in Fall. If this is possible my life will be SO MUCH MORE EASIER. Because I have already gone over the material once, it will not be as pressured, AND I will be able to take my online Geology class and my Women's History without freaking out.

I have been thinking about the Peace Corps and I am somewhat on the ropes about it. 
  • Looks excellent on a resume
  • I would be helping those who are in need
  • I would be learning all sorts of new information
  • I would be able to travel out of the country
  • I would have KICK ASS stories to tell. 
  • I could find inner peace (sounds cliche but really... no electronics.)
  • I could experience a whole different culture
  • I could meet new interesting people
  • Free Medical 
  • Free Dental
  • No worries about bills
  • 27 months in a foreign country
  • Bathrooms are important to me... so is hot water
  • Not being able to see friends or family for over 2 years
  • Bugs. And they are foreign bugs at that. 
  • I guess there was a case about rape... but I need more details
I know what you guys are thinking... But Megan, you did not mention Chris. I know... because it would be a shotgun wedding and after 12 months he could go with me. [lol, I am just kidding about the shotgun wedding... but you seriously have to be married for at least 12 months to go with your partner... AND I am not sure if Chris seriously would want to. It was a nice thought though. But I think he would have the same bad's that I have (except the rape)]

It is definitely a lot to think about. There must be something simpler. Something NOT for 27 months. I think I would settle for a year... but 2 is just a little extreme. Well I need to talk to a recruiter anyways just to get answers to a few questions.

Onto some bad news. I know everyone was like "Nooo, Megan, Nooo" but it happened. I am once again a smoker. Damn it. Such a disappointment. And I know everyone is going.. but Megan if you quit for a month you can do it again. When Chris decides to quit maybe I will quit. I think it is too difficult right now for me to stop. It's like a constant reminder... plus, a majority of the people I am around smoke. So it's like well you smoke or you feel outcast. LOL. I mean the ones who have never smoked are fine. They can just hang out around it and not feel weird. But I think previous smokers just have a harder time. 

I know I know. One day.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Alone on the 4th of July evening...

Totally my choice. It just gets so chaotic where people all need to be everywhere and it's this game of follow/call/yours vs. mine/there/here etc.. Honestly. It's a vacation to celebrate our independence from Great Britain. 

Something like valentines day. Hyped up marketing. Sheesh.

Anyways. I felt as though I would rather stay home and relax instead of dealing with the whole drinking and driving crowd. I've already got one DUI I don't need a second thank you very much. PLUS I am not a huge fan of traffic. 

So here I am. Sitting at the condo doing laundry, drinking a beer, and writing a blog. 

A topic came up over the past weekend that I had forgotten about because people I KNOW are not a part of it. So you know that "Gangsta rap"... you know... that derogatory, chauvinistic, pig like rap. Uh huh... yeah. I HATE THAT. I hate the thought of it and it has been so long since I have heard it or been around anyone who even talks like that.

So this weekend I heard someone over the phone  (background noise) saying really really really rude messed up things. I want to explain to you what they were... but I can't bring myself to repeat it. ANYWAYS. SO This guy is ranting and raving derogatory remarks about women and my rage gauge went from 0 to 50 billion in two sentences. I felt my heart start racing and my face get hot. He thought he was being funny impressing the guys... but all I could think of was getting in my car driving to the place, walking up to him and HEAD BUTTING HIM AS HARD AS I POSSIBLY COULD then SMASHING HIS FACE INTO THE GARAGE FLOOR and repeating the words he said... and asking if it was worth the "cool" factor.

WooSaa.. Yeah. Not okay. I know it's just a young guy thing... but hearing it automatically struck a cord. I am not sure why the whole male degrading females thing pisses me off so much and I know that violence does not cure stupidity. 

I also hate being referred to as white girl. Yes, I know I am white... I am also taller than you, blonde, and I have an excellent smile. *Middle Finger To You Asshole*

Yeah. So that's enough about that. 

I hope everyone has a happy, safe, 4th of July.