Friday, November 2, 2012

Awake at the deadly hour

You know it is terrible being awake while everyone else sleeps. No matter how you flip it... you are just the asshole who is still awake. So now I am hold up in the garage chain smoking using Jacob's laptop because I cannot use my desktop because I type like the key board stole my lunch money.

[btw... Laptops are much quieter than normal keyboards. I feel like a typing ninja]

Quick update on life. I've lived at Jamie's house for 4 months now. It has been spectacular [with only a minor set back happening recently... I feel an onslaught coming on... maybe it is just me being overly worried because of my assholenish the other day]. I really enjoy living here. My roommates are awesome, pretty simple life and the time has gone by so quickly it is actually quite scary. Not sure if I had mentioned the whole Justin and Jonathan fiasco... but yeah a month and a week and that ended. I still haven't received my deposit. But soon enough. ANYWAYS. Jacob and I have been living together for about the same amount of time that I have lived with Jamie and Amber. We became "official" on September 8th. Weird. It really doesn't matter, we just sorta work well together. I still share too much information but I think that is just my lifestyle. I am an extrovert. It happens. I have always been an online share too much junkie... but then again... what else would you read if I didn't share?? Hmm?

I sorta need a topic to write about. I just seem to be sitting here talking with my fingers to whoever you are. I even went on google to find a "Blog Topic" but I am not trying to really promote anything or make you people any more educated. I am just rambling. I even considered talking about my kitten... but I don't think you really want to read about him. [Even though he is pretty amazing.]

Alright, well I guess I will write about something I have noticed with friends. Why not. You may or may not be one of them. Let us see here...

I've noticed with a lot of my female friends that they don't seem satisfied. [No I am not talking sexually] It actually makes me upset a bit, like you are beautiful, smart, funny, witty, and can roll with the punches... Why are you letting minor bullshit get in your way of happiness?

You are better than you think you are. Seriously. Maybe this doesn't apply to you personally... but try it. Make a happy list. [It is quite entertaining once you get the ball rolling. I have told MULTIPLE people to do it... but I doubt anyone really listens.]

So while I am going to get off topic. Here is my happy list TODAY [it changes from time to time and even though some of the things didn't happen to day... thinking about them make me happy.]

  • Buying other people things they don't expect is something that I totally get a kick out of. I dunno. It could be just something random I see at the store that makes me think of them... of course I can't do it always BUT when I can it makes me happy. [Try it. It is pretty awesome]
  •  Laying on the carpet during the day when the sun is out and taking a nap. Cats do it all the time... there is a reason. IT FEELS AMAZING.
  • Frolicking for no reason other than an AWESOME song is on. Get other people to do it with you and it multiplies the AWESOME impact.
  • Typing blogs. Sometimes I get somewhat wary of writing anything. I mean putting yourself out there or talking about things that are taboo is somewhat intimidating but when I do it I almost always feel confident in my decision. Half the stuff I write about can relate to someone. Maybe not everyone... but hell. At least I get it out there and you know that you aren't alone either.
  • Writing nice things about other people. When is the last time you went to someone else's facebook page and told them how much you appreciate them? Doing it all the time is overkill but I got a message today and it made me smile. I hope when I write about other people they feel the way I felt.
  • Grocery shopping with Jacob. Yeah, sort of weird... but you know what. I am so use to split up and attack the isles that it is sorta nice just walking about the store figuring out what to buy. [Paying for it sucks... but the shopping part is nice]
  • Tipping well. I am in the living off tips business... so I know how happy you can make someone. 
Okay now that I have given you some examples... try it. AAAAAAAAAAND on to the next topic [I finally thought of something]

SHIT TALKING. [Way to kill the mood, eh?] We all have done it and we all will continue to do it. I've talked, you've talked, we've probably talked together, maybe you have even talked about me. All this talk talk talk. The real question behind it is would you own up to it? I mean... if the person you were talking about confronted you about it... [cause let's get real... it ALL comes back around one way or another at some point] would you be honest or be defensive? I take the owning up to it route... I mean... if I think it... well, you might as well hear it from the donkey's mouth right? At least you get the full on impact of what I was saying instead of some telephone type ending. A friend of mine was at the bar and was telling another person that if she heard anyone talking shit she would undoubtedly fight them. For me, I find this unnecessary. If someone doesn't like me. Well, hats off to them. I find it humorous. I've been the awkward kid before and I will always be that awkward kid. [You don't really grow out of it... you just grow bigger and stronger. lol] I mean I have had some nasty little rumors spread... There are two times that shit talking pisses me off.

  1. When the information is false or one sided. If you have a question or comment... please. Be my guest. I am not here to get all "WHAT OH NO NO NO I DIDN'T DO THAT" If I did it I own up to it. The more you try to hide shit, the more shit falls out of the closet when you aren't paying attention. Might as well air out the dirty laundry... that way the stench doesn't stick around.
  2. Eh, that is about it. HAHAHAHAHA there is no 2nd one. It is just that one. LOL.
I really don't have anything else to talk about. I am actually tired now. All this thinking and rationalizing thoughts this late/early is making my brain hurt.